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We Watch Sports (Podcast)

This weekly podcast aims to answer the question “Can I understand everything happening in the world of sports with none of the effort?” Your hosts Andy and Graham will look to do that each week on We Watch Sports.

Episode 1- Welcome to We Watch Sports (So you don’t have to)

On the debut episode of the podcast, Andy and Graham explore the latest in sports news and fill you in, so you don’t have to. We talk MLB playoffs, the Antonio Brown saga, and athletes we wouldn’t want as Uber drivers.

Episode #2

Welcome back to We Watch Sports. This week Graham and Andy are back to share the best sports stories so you can be fun and hip without investing the time. Ask us a question for next week’s episode at and please leave us a comment or review! Xoxo

Episode #3
Boy oh boy buckle up because your favorite sports guys are back and shenanigans ensue. We cover the MLB Playoffs, the newest NFL QBs you should know, and some NBA chit chat. Don’t forget to leave us a review and feel free to ask any of your sports related questions at 

Episode #4

Welcome back to the show! This week Andy and Graham answer their first listener question ( you too can email us at or as well as discuss Joe Buck’s playoff announcing skills and the NBA.