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No Experience Needed (Podcast)

This is a Code Red

On this episode of the podcast, Joe and Andy discuss the controversial and detrimental changes to the Taco Bell menu.

Your Love Language is What?

On this episode, the boys are joined by Dave to help him correctly take the love language quiz and then afterwards, make some suggestions of what Dave’s true love language is.

The Definitive Episode on Sandwiches

On this episode, Andy and Joe discuss a viral news article that incorrectly ranked the best sandwiches. Obviously we had to correct them.

Reviewing Freddy Got Fingered!

Today the Morale Bros, along with an assist from James over at PopCultNet on Twitter tackle a difficult movie. Freddy Got Fingered. They review the film and discuss if it could have been made in 2019.

Welcome Back Meghan!

On this episode of the podcast, we welcome Back Meghan to the podcast. The last time we spoke with her we believed she was going to get married after meeting someone on Coffee Meets Bagel. Turns out things had gone very, very differently…

E3 Review Extravaganza!

Today we are trying something a little new and discussing the reviews from Nintendo’s E3 presentations, as well as discussing the much maligned Avengers game.

My Love Language is Lasagna

The bois discuss singles cruises, lasagna and international dating with a very special guest.

Ya Bois are Back!

After a brief hiatus, the Bois return to talk about where they have been, the future of the podcast, and how to pack for an international trip using Pringle’s cans.

Season 2 Episode 5- The Morale Bros Investigate- “What Woman Want”

On this episode of the podcast, Joe and Andy review the movie “What Woman Want” with hopes of better understanding how to find Meghan true love. Guess what, it didn’t go well.

Season 2 Episode 4- Taco Bath Bombs…?

On this episode on No Experience Needed we hear about another awful OKCupid date that did t go as well as I thought it would. It is weird how all the OKCupid dates are creeps…

The Morale Bros find Holiday Party Dates

Ho Ho Ho! Today we have Meghan and Dave on the podcast to discuss the amazing ideas the Morale Bros have for finding dates to company holiday parties.

The Poem

Today the Morale Bros meet back up with Meghan to talk about her first date with a doctor as well as discuss the poem she received that is the equivalent of a dick pic.

We’re Back, and Blonder Than Ever

WELCOME TO SEASON 2 of no experience needed! After our success with Dave we decided to up the stakes and we enter the new world of female online dating. That’s right, ya boys are looking for some hot dudes for our friend Meghan.

Farewell Sweet Prince

Our baby boi is finally a man. Dave set out on this adventure to find 3 dates with the same lucky lady. And he’s done that. On the last episode of season 1, we discuss our favorite moments and what to expect on season 2.

Dream Daddy’s? Featuring our friend Brian

On this episode the Bros welcome their friend Brian to try and better understand online dating, what works and what doesn’t. We also discussed some great awful dates and the game Dream Daddy’s

She Was Larger Than Me

Join Joe and Andy, the Morale Bros as they try and understand what went well, and what went worse on Dave’s latest date.

Your Boy’s On A List

On this episode of No Experience Needed, the boys try to understand how exactly speed dating could have gone this poorly.

Ohhhhh Boy

The Morale Bros discuss two different dates with Dave that have happened, and have a conversation about how to be a great third wheel!

The First Date

We learn about the incredible story of our first match that came over to Dave’s house!

Bonus Episode 1.5

Listen two grown men break down and cry with how difficult online dating is.

Episode 1! Welcome to No Experience Needed!!

Welcome to No Experience Needed! The podcast where two married idiots who completely missed online dating work to set their friend Dave up on as many dates as possible.