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SNL At Home- Review

SNL has long been one of my favorite shows. Sadly, like most of the world the show has been on a hiatus since the Pandemic has forced people into staying in their homes.

But this week, the show returned with “SNL At Home” which was an entire episode that was filmed from the various cast member’s homes. SNL has always been its best when it has the option to react and discuss pop culture events that impact a lot of people. Typically this is their sweet spot as they’re dealing with the presidential elections. But now with the pandemic being at the forefront of everyone’s lives, SNL was able to return and deliver laughs when we needed it the most.

Today I wanted to share some of the skits from the show that were my favorite. I’d highly suggest you watch the entire show – Weekend Update was outstanding and well worth your time.

RBG’s Home Workouts

The RBG Character on SNL has always been a huge hit. Seeing her do her home workouts with tiny items from around her house, such as floss being used for jump ropes. She also had several chances to demonstrate her signature “Ginsburns” throughout.

Our First Zoom Meeting

This one hit home for me, as my company, like many other people have learned to deal with people using Zoom or other video conference software for the first time. Incredibly funny and relevant.

Bruce’s Audition

Kyle Mooney consistently provides some of my favorite sketches on the show. This reoccurring character of a local stand up who deals with some much larger issues besides just telling terrible jokes at the wrong times.

Those were just a few of the sketches that I loved this week. If you get a chance, let me know what sketches were your favorites on Twitter @MoraleBros

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