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Catching Up on the Oscars

Last week I had a chance to watch 4 of the Oscar Best Picture movies that I had not yet seen.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Parasite
  • Ford Versus Ferrari
  • JoJo Rabbit

I used Notion to capture my thoughts. I’ll do a separate post for the #Ipad365 series on Notion, but it has become my go to app for all things that I need to remember and want to reflect on. Here is a snapshot of my initial thoughts for the 4 films.

As you can see, I was blown away by both Ford V Ferrari and Parasite, and really also enjoyed JoJo Rabbit. However I was less than impressed by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which I was somewhat surprised to see how much critics enjoyed it.

I’ll have a full review of all the Oscar movies up later this month, but wanted to share the four I saw last week.

Which of the Oscar nominees was your favorite? Let us know on Twitter @MoraleBros

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