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Amber Bixby’s “Teen Mom” Review (2020)

I was first introduced to Amber Bixby when she opened for Michael Che about a year ago here in Austin. And nothing against Che, he was great, but she was the funniest person I saw on the show that night. Since then I’ve kept up with her on social, and was super excited to see she was releasing her first album “Teen Mom” and was blown away by how funny it is.

One thing that stands out about Amber’s comedy is that she’s incredibly vulnerable about the topics and issues she discusses. Listen, teenage pregnancy is a delicate topic, yet Amber makes it relatable, funny, and full of heart. Other topics she covers are relationships (I mean who hasn’t had a terrible one), office work (I also hate decorating my cubicle for meaningless holidays) and the stress of chasing a dream.

Teen Mom displays all of that and more. I was happy to hear some of my favorite jokes that I remembered from her live show, and I won’t spoil it but the last track on the album is one of the funniest true stories/jokes I’ve heard in quite some time. But she also expands and tells new stories that are relevant, and incredibly clever.

Stand up comedy is one of the most difficult forms of expression, and the ones that can craft stories that help you relate, but also have the humility to laugh at the way the world operates are the ones worth chasing. Amber does this, and more on Teen Mom. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and I’m excited to see what comes next.

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