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Little Women – Review

To start of the year of, we saw “Little Women” as the first Morale Bros film review of 2020. That’s right, we’re getting down with our emotions and diving right into a period piece.

The film itself is gorgeous. One thing that really stands out is that it feels like an experience throughout the movie. The film jumps between two time periods, 7 years apart and the costumes, lighting, and music really help that feel seamless.

It is also an incredible cast. The film does a great job of mixing in a new crop of younger actresses/actors with some established film royalty like Meryl Streep, and my personal favorite part of the movie, Chris Cooper.

When it comes to the movie itself, it clocks in at over 2 hours, and sometimes it feels more deliberate than it needs to be, but ultimately that is forgotten as the film continues to shine with brilliant performance and direction throughout.

So after the stress of seeing Uncut Gems, and the dissatisfaction of the latest Star Wars, I’d highly recommend seeing Little Women.

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