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#ipad365 January 2020

I use the iPad Pro as my personal computer, and have since the first pro was released in 2015. With the refresh in 2018 I moved from the 12.9 to the 11 inch and it has been my favorite Apple product to date. Currently I use a 11 inch, 256 gig IPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard (purchased used for $100) and the Apple Pencil (purchased with IPad at launch)

As I’ve navigated to an all IPad workflow, I’ve constantly looked for advice and best practices online. Realizing that I often find what I need on my own, I wanted to share a monthly post about how I’m utilizing the IPad. Hopefully this will help someone in the future who’s considering it.

So let’s start with apps. There are a handful of apps that I use on a daily basis, and would suggest to anyone using the IPad as their primary entertainment/productivity machine.

  • Notability/GoodNotes 5/One Note for handwritten notes (pick one and stick with it. They all have their pros and cons)
  • Email- I use the standard Apple email app, but there are a lot out there that people may like better. But for simple email writing and reading, it works great.
  • Twitter- Again, I use the default Twitter app, but it does what I need, when I need it.
  • Overcast- My podcast app of choice. It syncs with my IPhone and has a ton of features that I really like.
  • Notion- Rather than describe what it is, I’ll suggest you watch Ali’s video here.
  • Ulysses – My go to writing application and the one I use for any long form writing.
  • Microsoft Office Suite – My company uses these apps and they work great on iOS. I’m a big fan of the updates to Microsoft Teams.

So now that you have your apps, how are you going to use the iPad? My advice is to not think of it as something less than a computer. As annoying as the Apple “What’s a Computer” ad was, it proves a point. Just use the iPad to use the things you would normally do, and that’s where the enjoyment comes from it. I’ve found that things such as surfing the web, and running a website/podcast are just more fun and enjoyable from the iPad. But if you get in the way of thinking “I need a computer to do this” then it is going to constantly be a challenge for you to make this work.

What questions do you have about working/living from an iPad? I’d love to know those as we continue to build out this series. Ask me on twitter @AndyJoeShow or @MoraleBros and we’ll discuss next month.

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