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Review- Dear Evan Hansen

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see the national tour of “Dear Evan Hansen”

The show itself is focused on Evan, who is a high schooler with some not uncommon anxieties and social issues. Evan finds himself in the middle of a lie that continues to spiral until it eventually causes a confrontation.

When seeing a musical for the first time, I prefer to be surprised by the music, so I won’t listen to the show at first in order to really be excited and surprised by what happens. The music in Dear Evan is incredible, combining some really fun pop melodies with heavy topics such as loneliness, anxiety and even suicide.

In the show we saw in Austin, I thought the actress who played Zoe (Evan’s love interest) was remarkable. She is featured in several songs, and each time her voice gave me chills. See below:

My favorite song of the show is one of the ones featured early, and comes back throughout which is “Waving Through a Window” I found a video of Ben Platt, the actor who originally created the character performing it at the Tony’s in 2017, the year he won for best actor.

I can’t say enough about the show. It is relevant and timely for people, and I think it should certainly be seen if given the chance.

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