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Welcome back Blink 182

Blink 182 has always been one of my favorite bands. I first saw them when I was in middle school, on a show with MXPX (random, I know). After some lineup changes, I wasn’t sure what to expect with their new EP that was recently released “I really wish I hated you”

I’m happy to say that I’m really, really into the album. Since they now have some time to fit together better as a new band, I thought it would be appropriate to review this EP.

Here is the track list:

  • I really wish I hated you
  • Darkside
  • Happy Days
  • Generational Divide
  • Blame it on my youth

The EP moves fast. Each song feels distinctly like Blink 182, but the newest evolution. Sometimes bands have a hard time continually evolving their voices and feeling new and fresh while still feeling like the band that people really liked them to be.

Personally, my favorite track is Generational Divide. It is interesting because it is only 90 seconds or so, but feels so distinctly Blink 182.

I think that if you are a Blink 182 fan, you’re really going to dig this EP.

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