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The Lost Art of Away Messages

I remember the feeling. It was one that started with happiness, then extreme satisfaction. It was an accomplishment.

It was crafting the perfect AIM Away Message.

Let me back up. Before twitter, instagram, bumble, tinder, and all of those other apps to interact and attempt to impress people with, there was AOL Instant Messenger. A chat app which showed you your friends list, had sound effects, but most importantly, allowed you to communicated your deepest feelings when you were not even at the keyboard.

You see, the art of AIM wasn’t that you were attempting to talk to your friends. That was great. But you wanted your friends, and people you wanted to be your friends, and people you wanted to see without clothes on, to read your away messages and know your truest feelings, fears, and intentions.

Because you were saying more here without actually saying anything. You were living in this moment where you waited to see if your message was read. Now the funny thing was, I don’t think there was a way to see who had read your message, or even seen it. It was just hope.

And like most statues to the world ,the best place to find your words and feelings was through the early 2000s world of pop punk/emo.

You see, before we knew what “in your feelings” meant, we depended on men with eyeliner to write the words for us. In fact, one of my favorite away messages was a fall out boy lyric, with a link to my LiveJournal

Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pills. I could write it better than you ever felt it

The “write it better than you ever felt it” linked directly to my afore mentioned LiveJournal, where I wrote the greatest of poems, short stories, and other disasters, with all the clever punctuation, capitalization and grammar rules broken (boy I was edgy)

The goal was that the LiveJournal would contain a hidden message for the girl I liked at the time, or some introspective feelings that I was learning to deal with. In reality, it was just a weird way to deal with the world around you.

Now that’s been replaced by Facebook status updates, twitter mentions and Instagram messages. But they lack the art and sophistication of a perfectly crafted away message, that lead the reader of the message on a complicated journey.

Before we go, some other of my favorite lyrics to use:

Well if you wanted honesty, that’s all you had to say

We turn our music down and we whisper, say what we’re thinking right now

Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I cannot say

Did you have any incredible away messages? I’d love to know about them. Share them with us @MoraleBros on twitter.

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