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Starter Pack for All Fantasy Everything

I talk all the time about podcasts. For the level of entertainment and value you can get from them, I don’t think there is a better way to spend a commute in the car.

My favorite podcast, as previously discussed here is All Fantasy Everything, which is a comedy podcast where the crew fantasy drafts a different topic each week.

So when I tell people about the podcast, they naturally ask what episodes to start with. I first tell them to listen to every single episode at least 4 times, and then everything else on the HeadGum podcast network. But if you’re wanting to get started faster than that, I’ve organized a few of my favorite episodes.

Huge shout out to the All Fantasy Everything SubReddit and the All Fantasy Everything Encyclopedia, without both I wouldn’t have been able to put this together.

Disney Songs (special guest Katie Nolan)

This is the most recent episode of the podcast, which was recorded live in New York while the guys were on tour. This is a hugely popular topic, and Katie Nolan is on her second episode of the show, and does an amazing job throughout.

It is also amazing to hear each pick sung to the audience, and Marissa, who edits the podcast, did an amazing job of adding in the original songs as well.

This one is great to start with because you’ll get a great taste of the humor and the way that the show works.

Drafting All Fantasy Everything (special guest Amy Miller)

Okay, here me out. For someone who is wanting to learn about the podcast, what better episode to listen to early than the one that is drafting moments from the show. That way, you can have a nice playlist to go and check out later once you finish this episode.

Plus, you get a quote from Ian like this:

I just burped WAY wetter than I meant to.

The Mall

This brings all the feelings. This is the first episode with Ian, David and Sean, who would become the fairly consistent hosts/participants in the show. There is some real magic in the room as the guys draft items about the Mall. While this may only appeal to people who remember the Mall, this episode is incredible.

There is also an incredible tangent about Taco Bell gift cards, which leads to this quote from David:

All my money is tied up in Taco Bell gift cards right now.

Taco Bell

And speaking of Taco Bell, what better place to end than the Taco Bell Episode. What is great about this episode is my friends and I have had this debate numerous times. This is also another one of just David, Sean and Ian, so you get a good feel for how the draft is going to work. There are two quotes that really stand out:

Trust me, if there was a bottom to this Taco Bell barrel, I would’ve scraped it by now. – Sean Jordan

If you eat too many chalupas after Scuba diving, you’ll get the bends – David Gborie

David and I are both curvy boys. So you don’t look at us and think ‘restrictive palette.’ Ian Karmel

So there it is, my starter pack of episodes for the podcast. For those of you who are fans (and shame on you if you aren’t), what are some of your favorite episodes? Let us know @MoraleBros on Twitter.

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