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Defending Freddy Got Fingered

I’m going to DEFEND Freddy Got Fingered

One of my good friends pointed out to me that recently when speaking about four movies that defined me, and I left out Freddy Got Fingered, the 2001 blockbuster which grossed over 13 million dollars and currently has a 10% on Rotten Tomatoes

I was a giant fan of Tom Green as I started watching his show on MTV in the early 2000s. He was the perfect amount of absurd and slapstick that it really resonated. Some of my favorites.

The Slut Mobile

Extreme Denominations

Squirting Milk

So I totally get it. Tom Green isn’t for everyone. It is incredibly strange and obnoxious humor. It might not even be humor, which is a totally fair critique. But from the moment I started watching his late night show on MTV, I was hooked. I was always going to be a fan.

So as 2001 came along, the movie Freddy got Fingered came out, and boy oh boy was it strange. As someone who loves terrible movies (see “The Room” or the summer I watched every Nightmare on Elm Street Movie) this movie is in a different stratosphere. It isn’t even bad in the traditional sense. The movie itself is on a different level of weird.

Let’s just start with the basics. Tom Green’s character “Gord Brody” is moving away from home in order to start his new career at the cheese sandwich factory.

Yup…a cheese sandwich factory.

During his traveling to his new job, he encounters many new people and adventures. I’d write about them,b it to would make even less sense than the movie does when you watch it. So I’d suggest just watching it.

Gord makes new friends throughout his adventures, and deals with a family problem, as he accuses his father (played by Rip Torn) of “fingering Freddy” who is his younger brother played perfectly by Eddie Kaye Thomas.

So yeah, one of the main plot points of the movie is did a father finger his own child.

I can’t believe that sentence now exists on this website.

Throughout the film, Tom Green does what are almost small bits that are loosely connected throughout the story progressing. We meet Betty, who quickly becomes the love interest of Tom Green’s Gord. My favorite scene in the movie involves Tom Green becoming a “hero” and delivering a baby while visiting Betty at the hospital. It is stunning.

Once the movie came out on DVD, I went to my local Best Buy to purchase the DVD. I searched the shelf and could not find it anywhere. So I asked the friendly Best Buy employee to help me with my search. His response:

“Wait, you want what? I don’t think we sell movies like that here..”

“Oh you thought I meant pornography. God no. I’m looking for the movie with Tom Green. You know, the funny guy from MTV. The Bum Bum song??”

“Oh…(nervously looks around) I guess I could search our inventory?”

“Great! Thank you good sir!”

A few dramatic minutes pass.

“So we have a copy of it. But it doesn’t seem to have a price on it.”

“I’ll take it!”

As I walk up to pay for it. The cashier has obviously been made aware that I was going to buy a movie with no price on it.

“Hello. This DVD doesn’t have a price, but the guy said I could still buy it.”

she notices the title and glares at me

“Yeah, we know. I think you can just have it. We aren’t going to sell any of them.”

“Wow! Are you sure? This is a really good movie…”

“Yeah. We are sure.”

So that’s how I ended up with the only copy of Freddy Got Fingered that was available at Best Buy.

As the years have passed, I’ve tried to help people understand how great this movie is. Sadly I haven’t done well. Most people find out that I like this movie and just give me this strange, strange look. But I’d challenge you to really re-watch the movie and appreciate it for what it is. Some sort of comedy/sketch/improv movie that showcases just how insane Tom Green has. Some might also add that it is one of the most impressive ways to waste several million dollars on a movie deal. I’ll let you the audience be the judge of that.

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