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The Best True Crime Podcasts (2019)

True Crime? True Obession is more like it.

For some reason, the podcast industry stumbled onto the fact that true crime podcasts are really, really amazing on the platform. We wanted to share some of these podcasts with you, that will give you full body chills, and cause your family members to give you weird looks when you tell them what you’re listening to.

Crime Junkies

Crime Junkies is one of my favorite true crime podcasts currently. Hosted by two friends, the weekly series that covers a different true crime. From missing persons, to unsolved cases, and true crime stories taken from current events, the show has a little bit for everyone that is a fan of true crime. What I also like about it is that the two friends, Ashley and Britt, have such a fun chemistry and focus on ways that the case can be solved to bring closure to the families, so that heavy cases are often times informative and told in a way that is easy to listen to, considering the subject matter. It is my current favorite true crime podcast.

Monster Season 2

This podcast re-examines one of the most intense cases of all time, the still unsolved Zodiac killer.

The podcast is deliberate at times, but the level of detail is remarkable. The podcast takes a deep dive into all of the twists and turns from the Zodiac killings. This podcast will appeal to both true crime fans, and fans of pop culture, as the Zodiac Killer has inspired movies, books and other pieces of lore.

The Vanished Podcast

The Vanished is a detail oriented podcast that examines a different missing person case each episode. Missing Persons is a unique genre of True Crime, but one that I’m incredibly intrigued by. There are people that go missing everday, sometimes it is an apparent crime, and other times it appears as though people have just walked away from their lives. This podcast often leaves you thinking, as very rarely is the story ending with a conclusion, as it is left wide open as most of the cases are unresolved.

Up and Vanished

I’ll focus on season one of Up and Vanished, that follows the case of Tara Grinstead, from Ocilla, Georgia. Tara was a high school teacher and former beauty queen that was found to be missing with zero ideas of what happened to her. Without getting too far into the story, host and filmmaker Payne Lindsey takes you through a new investigation, with an unbelievable conclusion.

So that’s it. Those are some of my favorite true crime podcasts. Which ones are you listening to? Let us know on twitter @MoraleBros

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