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**Super Spoiler Review** Captain Marvel (2019)

I was fortunate enough to have purchased my tickets to Captain Marvel as soon as they went on sale, so I was able to see the movie on Opening Day. Early projections show that the movie is on pace to do $150 million in it’s first weekend.

We wrote a spoiler free review earlier today, but this review is going to be full of spoilers. So if you have not yet seen the movie, and do not want key plot points examined and discussed, do not read any further.

But if you’re like me and want to talk all about the movie, then I think you should 100% keep reading.

So let’s talk Captain Marvel spoilers. Once we had a fully unleashed Captain Marvel in the third act, it was clear to me that she was at least as powerful as Thor was in Avengers: Infinity War. She was able to destroy so many warheads, and then flew to space, and threw a gigantic spacecraft. Thor was able to do the fly through a spacecraft in Infinity War, but that was only after he had fully realized his potential and power. Captain Marvel did this as she first unlocked her powers. It stands to reason that 20 years later when she returns to Earth, that she will have become even stronger. Which means I cannot wait to watch her smack Thanos in the face.

Speaking of Thanos and the infinity stones. It was revealed that Captain Marvel was powered by the Tesseract, which we later learn is the space stone. If we can assume she was given the power of an infinity stone, that shows the level of power we can expect to see in Avengers: Endgame

Carol’s power seems to be growing as it is further unlocked. So a fully charged, pissed of Captain Marvel is a huge thing to look forward to.

The other huge twist in the film is how the Marvel Cinematic Universe used the Kree and Skrulls versus how they are used in the comics. Flipping the roles was something I wasn’t expecting to see, but opens up a larger story within the universe if the Skrulls are an ally of Captain Marvel. Time will tell I suppose.

The last major point to cover is that end scene. Yes…that end scene.

The first post credit scene shows the remaining Avengers watching as the death count climbs, post Thanos snap. They have recovered the pager that Fury used before he was dusted, and are trying to trace back where it is going. Suddenly the pager turns off, as the room (Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and Bruce Banner) are surprised by Captain Marvel herself, with longer hair (that looks messy after flying through space) and she demands “Where is Fury”

I did not think there was a way I could be more excited for Endgame, but this teaser scene did it for me. To see the devastation that the Avengers faced after the snap, and to now see that there is potentially a chance for them to recover and go after Thanos gave me fully body chills.

Overall, I really enjoyed Captain Marvel, but really enjoyed it for what it was. A bridge to Endgame, and the debut of the hero that will help equalize the playing field versus the Mad Titan Thanos.

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