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Spoiler Free Review- Captain Marvel (2019)

It wouldn’t be the spring if Marvel was not releasing another blockbuster film. This time around, it is the hotly anticipated debut of Captain Marvel

This review from the Morale Bros will be a spoiler free review. What that means is that we will not discuss key plot points from the film, but will discuss points from the film at a high level. We will also be posting a spoiler heavy review where we discuss everything and more.

So how is Captain Marvel? It all depends on your expectations for the film. Origin movies are typically a hit or miss. But this one takes an interesting approach as the film starts with Captain Marvel already having her powers. The film then splits between current time (with Samuel L Jackson) and the past where we learn more about how Carol Danvers came into her powers and became the person she finishes the film as.

I really enjoyed Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. She is a really great actress, and her chemistry with Samuel L Jackson is really great throughout the movie. She’s not Robert Downey Jr or Chris Evans (the former heads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) but her Captain Marvel fills a new spot on the team.

The middle part of the movie feels a little too long, but the third act is substantial. The visuals are stunning, and the birth of Captain Marvel is pretty special. There was the standard Marvel offering where I had “full body chills” which is a great sign for any marvel film.

Captain Marvel isn’t a perfect film, but it is a great entry into the Marvel universe, and fits really well as the appetizer to seeing the full character in this April’s “Avengers Endgame”

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