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Online Dating Experiences Thus Far…

What I’ve learned from Online Dating.

As we have finished nearly 2 seasons of our podcast “No Experience Needed” I wanted to take some time and reflect on the key takeaways we have gained from online dating. I’ll be the first to admit that Online Dating is way more difficult that I initially expected.

The World of Online Dating is strange. There are so many different apps and webistes that promise to be different than the tinder experience,but really what online dating does is in encourages you to be your most vain self. The app experience is predicated around viewing a picture of someone for a few seconds, and then deciding “yes or no” which is incredibly strange.

As a sidenote: the most common photo for men is doing some sort of exercise/crossfit routine. Sometimes with a dog for bonus points. For women, the picture is typically at a brunch. Surprising, right?

Once you have decided that the one photo you’ve looked at is the one for you, then typically the second move is reviewing their profiles. Now profiles can be a funny thing. Some people try and make a joke or have some sort of comic relief. Other people have all of their requirments, and others have strange fetishes. It really does run the entire gambit. There is also the strange subset of people that are using dating apps simply to get a third person involved in their relationships. Weird, right?

Here would be my advice. If you’re going to use a dating app, try and avoid the temptation of looking at just a photo and making a decisions. Ideally you should pay more attention to the things in the profile. And as we learned in Season 1, be open to going on as many dates as possible. Experience things, and tell the stories. If you’re not enjoying online dating, it is probably because you have way too high of expectations. Online Dating should be used as a way to get your foot in the door, and meet more people. Ideally this is the way that you should spend your time.

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