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Watching “What Women Want” in 2019

Andy: “Hey Joe- you know what this movie needs?”

Joe: “What’s that?”

Andy: “The Me Too Movement”

This conversation took place less than 30 minutes into our re watch of Mel Gibson’s classic “What Women Want.

You might ask yourself, why would you watch this movie? There’s very few things remarkable about it. Well the premise is simple. On our podcast “No Experience Needed” we are working with our friend Meghan to find her a perfect man. As Joe and I are both guys, we wanted to better understand what it was that women were looking for. Clearly, Mel Gibson is the one to tell us about women, as he has zero baggage.

I mistakenly thought this movie was made in 1994. It turns out that the movie takes place in 1994, but was actually made in 2000. That makes the actual experience of watching this movie even more frightneing.

The premise feels very early 2000’s. Mel Gibson, a chauvinistic advertising executive is challenged by coming up with advertising campaigns for “women items” such as nail polish, panty hose, and a Visa Credit Card.

He decides to try on all of these products (while smoking) and then slips and falls into his bath tub. The electric blow dryer falls and electrocutes him. Really the movie could have ended here, but instead he wakes up with the ability to hear the thoughts of women, including the small French poodle he passes one morning.

The bulk of the movie follows Mel as he steals other’s ideas, uses his abilities to have some uncomfortable sex scenes, and fixes his relationship with his teenage daughter.

When thinking about what we learned from this movie, we had a few take aways…

  1. Think like a broad. Mel Gibson speaks this line a few times in the movie.
  2. Be very “handsy” – Mel Gibson touches a lot of people in this movie.
  3. Smoke a lot. A whole lot. Smoke in bed. Smoke all the time.
  4. Speaking of your bed- do everything in bed. Drink red wine, smoke some more, listen to records, do your taxes. Everything in bed.
  5. Perhaps the most horrifying part of the movie is when Mel Gibson uses his abilities to find out what his partner likes in bed. She responds after the encounter that Mel Gibson was “Deeper than anyone ever” which is such a stunningly bad piece of writing. So remember that.

So enjoy our live review/disgust of “What Women Want” and let us know if you’d like more of these in the future.


-The Morale Bros

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