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The Trump Prophecy Might Be The Most Unbelievable Movie Trailer Ever Made

Last night, in a non racist Ambien haze, I came across this article.

The Trump Prophecy Trailer

The article details the release of a new film, The Trump Prophecy, as as usual, the Internet’s reaction to things like this are fantastic.

Before we talk about the trailer more, I think you should take 2 minutes to watch it for yourself.

I mean- where to start.  I texted this to one of my friends and he responded “This can’t be real.”

Here’s the official plot synopsis:

The Trump Prophecy is the story of Fireman Mark Taylor and what he heard God tell him about America, Israel and the world. The event seeks to answer the question “What does MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN really mean?”

Oh, it is real.  Here are some of the things that I’m struck by.

  • Wait- what “Incredible True Story” is this based on?
  • If I’m to boil this down – a firefighter retires, and now believes their dreams and PTSD are actually God warning him to vote for Donald Trump?
  • Does it feel like it was shot in the same house for ever scene?  The doctor’s office, house, and other set pieces all look the same
  • Why was this movie made?
  • Who actually goes to see this movie?

I’m super glad that Scott Wampler shared this amazing article, so that I could then lose my mind over it while deep in an ambien haze.

Should the Morale Bros go to this movie and report back?  Let us know.

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