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Why’d We Watch That- Action Point (2018)

Welcome to a brand new series here on Morale Bros, called “Why We’d See That” where we’ll review a movie that we recently watched, and absolutely hated.

Our inaugural post is 2018’s Action Point, starring the one and only Johnny Knoxville.

This movie the following premise- while loosely defined:

D.C. (Johnny Knoxville) is the crackpot owner of Action Point, a low-rent, out-of-control amusement park with dangerous rides. Just as D.C.’s estranged teenage daughter Boogie (Eleanor Worthington Cox) comes to visit, a corporate mega-park opens nearby and jeopardizes the future of Action Point. To save his beloved theme park and his relationship with his daughter, D.C. and the Action Point staff risk everything to pull out all the stops.

Whoa.  That’s a lot to take in.

So the movie features “Jackass style stunts” which are typically Knoxville either being concussed (he allegedly had 4 concussions while filming this movie) and the story of a no holds barred theme park.

Quickly while watching this 84 minute horror, you’ll come to the realization that there isn’t a story here.  It isn’t as though it is just poorly written, it is though there wasn’t actually a script.  Or if there were, it wasn’t at all followed.  It is like someone used Microsoft Paint to create a story board, and then that story board was what was created into this movie.

At one point, I looked at my friend Graham, horrified that the movie was still going on.  We were only 35 minutes into the movie.

The movie also struggles with “acting”. While I’m a huge fan of the Jackass crew, and it was the reason that we wanted to go and see the movie, the acting here is poor at best.  Many of the actors visibly struggle to remember their lines, and there is very little believability to them.

On the way to the theatre, I decided to check out the actual reviews for the movie.  Sitting at an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, I had low expectations.  I think it is safe to say that after watching it, I would have given it way less.

Overall- there’s very little reason to see this movie.  In fact, I can’t really think of one at the moment.

If you’ve seen the movie, let us know what you think.

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