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Racist Ambien?!

Recently, Rosanne (yes, that Roseanne) made some terrible decisions with the racist things that she tweeted.  I’m not going to repost them, but if you’re really interested you can find them online.

What’s really got me thinking was that the makers of Ambien responded to her comment that she was ambien tweeting, and did not mean to be a racist.

Clearly, racism isn’t a side effect of Ambien.  But as someone that has been prescribed Ambien for quite some time, I can confirm some of the known side effects that I have personally experienced.

Buying things on Groupon

I once received two separate orders of the same item from Groupon.  It was a water bottle that came with an hydration boosting supplement.  I guess Ambien made me very concerned about my hydration levels.  I don’t feel this is nearly as much a side effect as it is a benefit of Ambien.

Losing Track of Time

My wife, who is the loudest person I know, becomes incredibly quiet once I’ve taken the white pill.  Because she knows if I wake up, it is some sort of sleep state where I’m convinced I’m late, and need to get out of bed.  It is similar to this scene in Step Brothers.

Visits from the Ambien Walrus

I think these two examples make it pretty clear that Ambien isn’t making me racist, rather it is simply enabling me to get a solid nights sleep, with the occasional bout of binge shopping and sleep walking.

Thanks Ambien!!



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