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Balls of Steel

The other night, I was walking out of my “day job” with Morale Joe

We saw the something that was so funny, and so intimidating to me as a man that I had to share it with the rest of the Morale Family.

We work with someone who walks really fast.  Like I have to run to keep up.  And to the surprise of no one, they also drive really fast.  Apparently as long as you pay your speeding tickets, you can keep driving?  Who knew.

An important detail here.  As we were leaving the office, we all got the notification of a severe thunderstorm warning.  The sky was dark, the wind whipped around, and people north of us were reporting hail.  It was a pretty substantial spring storm.  This is an important detail to remember.

Anyways, as this person brushed past us in the parking garage, we continued our conversation (probably about some more sweet shirt designs).

I heard the car screeching around a corner before I saw it.  I’m not a car person, but it’s nice.  Probably pretty expensive.  It has a retractable, hard top convertible.  Again- important details.

The convertible is down.  They’re driving straight into the thunderstorm (which at this point is wind, dark sky and a bit of percipitation) with the top down.  As they blow past us at 35 miles per hour, Joe reminds me to pick my jaw up off the ground.

”Dude- that takes GUTS.  Drive right into a thunderstorm with the top down and say fuck it?  That’s intense.” I say to Joe.

”Would you expect anything else?  Balls of Steel right there.  They dared that thunderstorm to rain, and the storm retreated.”  Joe responded.  And sure enough, as they drove off into the eye of the storm, the clouds parted, and a rainbow descended upon us.

”Wow man- that’s the most insane rainbow I’ve ever seen.” I gasp “It’s two rainbows.  WHOA NO WAY”

”Double Rainbow all the wayyyy” Joe responds, as he’s now taken on the form of a large, Native American man.

What a crazy Tuesday.

(Parts of the story have been embellished in order to make it more fun.  But we won’t tell which parts.  But Joe definitely transformed.)

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