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Why I’m Seeing Avengers: Infinity War Twice on Opening Day

My best friend Matt and I were stunned.  We were walking into the theatre to see Spider-Man, a legit Hollywood blockbuster.  It was 2002, and the comic book movie phenomenon was just starting to take off.  Growing up, Matt and I were gigantic Spiderman and Marvel Comics fans.  We went to Chicago’s comic con (when it was actually just dudes digging around actual comics and not the movie fest it is now).  We collected and analyzed our collections obsessively.

The day that it opened, we walked into the theatre at 9am, ready to see Spiderman for the first time.  We had our collective minds blown, and after the movie (before Marvel dragged out the credits) we walked to another theatre in the same complex, and directly into another showing.

We saw the movie 4 times that day.

That was 16 years ago, and on April 27th, I’ll see a movie twice in the same day again.  This time for Avengers Infinity War.


I’ll first see it at 9am with my friend Graham (who is quite the movie buff).  After I have time to digest everything, I’ll see it again at 3pm with my wife.  Odds are I’ll see it again at some point in the first week of release.

There aren’t many things that are remain constant in our lives.  People change, tastes change, priorities change.  That’s why this is important to me.  Because these characters and stories have been consistent for me since I was old enough to have an imagination. And in a time and place where the world has never been more uncertain, the imagination, and escape that these characters is really important.

The world needs heroes right now.

The world needs the Avengers.

And I’ll be there.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world (or the infinity stones)


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